ViCAP Functional Beverages

ViCAP Functional Beverages

ViCAP Functional Beverages: A very special treat

Generally, functional beverages include energy drinks, wellness drinks, all kinds of health drinks or such drinks which are consumed after doing sports and stimulate body and soul.

Functional beverages as such existed for quite some time. However, in today’s society where everyone is constantly in a rush and occasionally wishes for something that boosts one’s well-being and productivity, these beverages are increasingly gaining popularity. Mainly water with additives is being bought more frequently. These waters include all vitamins and minerals which are needed to cover the daily requirements. Surely these are also being bought because there is often not enough time to prepare a fruit salad in the evening which would contain all vitamins for a day. So it is easier and more convenient to consume the required five types of fruit and vegetables in liquid form.

Ingredients that know how to convince

Functional beverages consist of certain ingredients that influence the body in a precise way. For example, certain vitamins and minerals as well as probiotics in yogurt-based beverages, dietary fibers, aloe vera or tea-based additives are added to health drinks. In wellness drinks it is mostly emphasized to include ginkgo as means to improve intellectual performance as well as to include kombucha for improving the general well-being and invigorate the immune system. In terms of sports drinks the rehydration of the body and the replenishment of minerals lost due to transpiration are held in high esteem. Most of the time, herbs and vitamins are added to improve performance. Energy drinks predominantly convince young consumers because of their high concentration of caffeine, guarana or taurine.

Preserving vitamins for a long-term period

Many producers advertise with the recommended daily dose of vitamin C on their labels. Due to long transport routes and according to prolonged storage times, the beverages often include fewer vitamins than originally declared. This is because vitamins and flavorings in contact with water are susceptible to light and oxygen and thereby disintegrate at a faster pace. For this reason, it may be possible that the beverage doesn’t taste the way it’s stated on the bottle. Especially in context of complex flavorings where several flavorings are matched with each other to obtain a certain taste, it may happen that one component is disintegrated quicker than the others. Thus, the taste can be adulterated. ViCAP makes a better and more delicate matching of many different flavorings possible, which allows a graduation in genuine flavors and more importantly preserves their intensity.

What do we offer our customers?

Fatigue and exhaustion are the first things on the agenda after sports. Therefore, functional drinks are gladly consumed in order to replenish lost minerals due to transpiration after endurance sports at the gym. Who prefers to forego ready-made beverages at the gym has to supply the minerals in a somehow different way to the body. To date, powder out of a package was the preferred method of independent preparation. ViCAP replaces the spoon, the tumbler and the powder out of an extra package with an innovative dispenser sports cap system and saves the consumer the tediously task of stirring the beverages. Furthermore, the beverage of choice can be consumed instantly and anywhere and does not need any appliances. Especially the cap’s stored liquid supplements are also pleasing to the eye. The instant the supplements are dissolved into the water is already an experience for itself – it’s the visually most fascinating thing you have ever seen.

The particularity of ViCAP

ViCAP Systems AG distributes the Swiss invention to customers worldwide since 2005. The ViCAP dispenser sports cap system was well received by experts in the field and is spreading rapidly. The particular thing of the ViCAP systems is the cap itself. It contains the ingredients of the beverage that are already dissolved in the water in case of other beverages. The supplements are separated from the water by an aluminum foil. This foil is pierced with a small nail in the mouth piece of the cap. This nail is by no means perturbing the drinking process since the mouth piece is pulled up before drinking, similar to normal drinking bottles with a sports cap. The ingredients are either in a liquid or powder form and are just immediately added to the water before consumption. Thanks to this idea, any declaration on the label relating to the concentration of certain ingredients which should be contained in the beverage will be ensured. Thus, the product always delivers on its promise.