Powerlook! High energy brain power!

Powerlook! High energy brain power!

For high-energy brain Power, Look no further!

“Last night, I stayed up far too late, and this morning, I’m not quite feeling like myself. My eyes can’t seem to stay open, I’m not concentrating properly, and as for my usual enthusiasm and creativity? Completely gone.” Unfortunately, thoughts like these are all too familiar to most people. It’s a well-established fact that getting tired seriously affects productivity and focus – but what can be done to combat fatigue? As health-conscious individuals will be aware, most energy drinks contain enormous amounts of sugar, making them less than ideal. What’s more, they often have very little nutritional value, so they aren’t a good choice for those who want to look after their bodies properly.

This is where Powerlook comes in. It’s a pioneering new brand of beverage, which both energises and revitalises, making it perfect for those who need to work late into the night or drive for long periods of time. But Powerlook is much more than just an energy drink – and although it’s especially formulated for people in situations of increased stress, it isn’t overly sugary and doesn’t contain taurine. Powerlook’s innovative beverages not only provide a necessary boost, but also contain vitamins and minerals, which improve eyesight and concentration on a long-term basis. The drinks are available in two delicious flavours: Powerlook Drive and Powerlook Brain.

Renewed focus on long car journeys

Getting tired while on the road is not only inconvenient but also extremely life-threatening. Because of the potentially dangerous consequences of losing energy and alertness, it is especially important that drivers make every effort to stay concentrated and attentive. Powerlook Drive is specifically formulated to help with this. It is refreshing and revitalising, quenching thirst effectively. This helps to clear the mind, while also providing an energy boost thanks to its caffeine content. However, Powerlook doesn’t simply help drivers in the short term, by perking them up for a limited period of time. It also has significant long term benefits and advantages, which help them to see better, even in poor lighting conditions. This is because Powerlook Drive is packed with vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin B, which improves eyesight by helping drivers adapt to darkness more effectively. It also contains Vitamins B3, B5 and B6 – all great for improving eye function, as well as contributing to overall health and wellness. What’s more, the wonderful drink is flavoured with natural extracts of redcurrant, blueberry, and elderberry, giving it an invigorating fruity taste.

Increased alertness at just the push of a button

It’s clear that there are far better options than sweet lemonades and sodas full of artificial sweeteners. Drinks should taste delicious while providing important health benefits. Powerlook Brain is formulated especially for those who want a stronger nervous system and better concentration. The fantastic beverage contains oranges, lemons, and a unique blend of delicious spices, giving it a fresh, citrusy taste, and a delicately tangy flavour. As well as providing a kick of extra energy, the caffeinated drink contains all the essential vitamins for a healthy nervous system, good concentration, and a sharp mind. Vitamin B5 improves brain functions, while the body uses Vitamin B12 to maintain the nerves. Lecithin, which is used to treat memory-related conditions, also contributes to making Powerlook Brain the ideal drink for anyone who needs to concentrate and work hard. The delicious beverage helps to increase productivity, creativity, and focus.

Never before has it been so easy to stay awake and concentrated – with healthy ingredients, for discerning consumers who want natural and nutritious beverages.

The innovative dispenser system

Another reason Powerlook’s drinks are so delicious and healthy, is the innovative dispenser system in the top of the bottle. This is the Sport-Cap-Closure, designed by ViCAP. It’s a pioneering lid system which keeps the ingredients as tasty as possible. The flavouring is stored separately from the water, until the moment that the consumers want to have their drinks. At this point, they simply remove the protective lid from the bottle and press the small red nail on the Sport-Cap-Closure. This triggers the ViCAP system to release the contents into the water. After shaking vigorously to mix, the beverage is ready to enjoy. This easy, functional method of dispensing the flavour ensures that the beverage is as fresh as it can be, flavours taste like they should and vitamins and vital ingredients keep their bioavailability. With the pioneering ViCAP, and two unique, healthy drinks which enhance and develop eyesight and concentration, Powerlook is a perfect choice of beverage – not only for conscientious drivers, but for anyone who needs essential vitamins and a quick energy boost.