The JOY of a fruity drink that tastes of real fruit

Until recently, fruity soft drinks had one major drawback – the real fruit taste always began to fade long before it even reached its thirsty consumers. This usually resulted in making the beverage taste dull and joyless rather fast. In order to compensate for this and to preserve that sensational fruity taste, experts recommended adding sugar to these drinks. As a consequence, fruity beverages are very sweet, yet hardly taste like the fruit they are supposed to taste like – a real drawback when it comes to fruity beverages. This, however, is no longer the case with ViCAP’s newest JOY fruit beverages. By employing the latest innovations in packaging technology, ViCAP has produced a cool Sport Cap Closure – a bottle top that stores all the tasty goodness, vitamins, and other ingredients separately from the water – thus ensuring that the taste of real fruit is kept to a maximum level at all times!

Innovation from the top down

ViCAP has recognised the problem, and setting out to solve it has developed a revolutionary new bottle-top – one that stores the beneficial ingredients, such as the flavour, vitamins, and energy carriers inside the cap. Scientific research has proven that contact with water, light, and air tends to degrade these elements, leading to a reduction in their taste and efficiency. The transportation, storage, and display of fruity drinks – while all are required to get the drinks to where they need to be –all contribute to the fading of fruit flavours and vitamin efficiency in those same drinks. At ViCAP, the solution was a simple but ingenious one: restrict the amount of contact that exists between all these elements until such a time as when they are actually needed. With the Sport Cap Closure, the beneficial ingredients are stored in the bottle top until they are ready to be added to the drink. A simple press of a nail releases the ingredients from the cap into the water and a simple shake ensures the ingredients and water are mixed well. This ensures that the intense flavour of real fruit stays fresh and fruity, and does not fade before it gets the chance to be drunk.

No more faded flavours, no matter where

The problem of fading flavours has been particularly severe to overcome in areas where the prevailing climate tended to be on the hot and humid side. Deserts, especially such as those found in the Arabic regions, presented particular difficulties in keeping the real fruit taste, as it faded at much faster rates than other climate regions. The experts at ViCAP have, however, just released their newest beverage – JOY – complete with their own new innovative bottle top, in that very region. The taste may be less sweet when compared to other beverages because of less added sugar, but it packs a taste that is much closer to real fruit. Now it is possible to enjoy a fruity drink anywhere, with no added sugar, no faded fruit flavours and vitamins that have maximum effectiveness.

Desert-tested and approved

ViCAP realises the importance of staying hydrated, especially in tough conditions and places, but also believes that hydration can be fun and full of flavour. In the Arabic regions’ hot, demanding deserts in particular, hydration shouldn’t only supply much needed water to those who are thirsty and in need of a refreshing beverage. Vitamins and energy are also lost in considerable amounts during time spent in the desert, therefore it is necessary for any source of rehydration to replenish these important elements as well. JOY wholeheartedly embodies this view; by keeping the vitamins and energy carriers separate from the water, they retain their effectiveness for much longer periods – until they are ready to be consumed and used in the scorching desert sun. It will be easy and a pleasure to rehydrate under stressful situations using the cool new Sports Cap Closure from ViCAP. An intense fruity flavour, useful and efficient vitamins and energy carriers are guaranteed when JOY is consumed. With JOY being desert-tested and approved, desert activities have just begun to become fun again!